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Finland is a country known for its beautiful nature, rich culture, and high quality of life. It is also home to some amazing shops that offer a unique shopping experience. From traditional Finnish designs to international brands, here are the top 5 shops in Finland that you should definitely check out:

1. Marimekko
Marimekko is a Finnish design company that is famous for its bold and colorful patterns. Founded in 1951, it has become a global brand with a strong presence in Finland. Their products range from clothing, bags, accessories, and home decor items. The designs are inspired by nature, Finnish folklore, and modern art. Marimekko's flagship store is located in Helsinki, but you can find their products in various boutiques and department stores across the country.

2. Stockmann
Stockmann is one of the oldest and largest department stores in Finland. It was founded in 1862 and has become a household name in the country. The store offers a wide range of products from clothing, cosmetics, home goods, and electronics. It also has a gourmet food market, a bookstore, and a design store within its premises. Stockmann is a one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs and is a must-visit for any tourist in Finland.

3. Iittala
Iittala is a Finnish design company that is known for its glassware, tableware, and home decor items. Established in 1881, their products are known for their functional and timeless designs. The company collaborates with various renowned designers to create unique and innovative products. Iittala's flagship store in Helsinki is a must-visit for anyone interested in Finnish design and craftsmanship.

4. Fazer
Fazer is a Finnish food company that is best known for its delicious chocolates and confectionery. Founded in 1891, it is a well-loved brand in Finland and has a loyal following. In addition to chocolates, Fazer also offers a wide range of bakery products, snacks, and beverages. Their flagship store in Helsinki is a popular tourist attraction, where you can not only purchase their products but also enjoy a meal at their café and learn about the history of the company.

5. Artek
Artek is a Finnish furniture company that was founded in 1935 by renowned architect Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino Aalto. Their products are known for their functional and modern designs, which have become iconic in the world of furniture design. The company also collaborates with various contemporary designers to create new and innovative products. Artek's flagship store in Helsinki is a must-visit for anyone interested in Finnish design and architecture.


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What products is Finland known for in Europe?

Finland is a country that has made a significant impact in Europe, not only for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its exceptional products. Finnish products have become renowned all over Europe for their high quality, innovation, and design.

One of the most well-known products from Finland is definitely their iconic brand of mobile phones, Nokia. Founded in 1865, Nokia has become a household name in Europe, known for its durable and user-friendly phones. In fact, Nokia dominated the European mobile phone market for over a decade before the rise of smartphones.

Another product that Finland is known for in Europe is their delicious dairy products, particularly their famous cheeses. The Finnish dairy industry is highly advanced, using modern technology and sustainable practices to produce some of the best cheeses in the world. Their cheeses are exported all over Europe and are loved for their unique flavors and textures.

Additionally, Finland is also known for its high-quality textiles and clothing. The Finnish textile industry is known for its use of sustainable and ethical practices, producing high-quality and durable fabrics. Finnish fashion brands, such as Marimekko, have gained popularity all over Europe for their bold and colorful designs.

And let's not forget about the iconic Finnish design, which can be seen in various products such as furniture, household items, and even kitchenware. Finnish design is characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and timeless appeal, making it highly sought after in Europe.

Lastly, Finland is also known for its delicious food and beverages, such as their famous rye bread, smoked fish, and berry-infused alcoholic drinks like the popular cloudberry liqueur. These products not only showcase Finland's rich culinary heritage but also its commitment to using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Overall, Finland's reputation in Europe for its high-quality and innovative products is a testament to the country's dedication to excellence in all aspects of its industries.


3 most popular online shops in Finland

1. Tokmanni (
This is a discount retailer offering a wide variety of products for home and garden, leisure, and clothing.

This online store specializes in electronics, appliances, and homeware.

Karkkainen offers furniture, appliances, and household goods.


Shopping in Helsinki

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a shopper's paradise with a diverse range of options for both locals and tourists alike. The city boasts a variety of shopping districts, from the upscale boutiques and designer stores of the city center to the charming and quirky shops of the hipster neighborhoods.

One of the most popular shopping areas in Helsinki is the Esplanade, a tree-lined boulevard with high-end stores and luxury brands. Here, you can find everything from designer clothing and accessories to Finnish design and souvenirs.

Another must-visit shopping destination is the Design District, a hub for all things design-related. Here, you can wander through the cobblestone streets and discover a plethora of independent boutiques, galleries, and cafes, all showcasing the best of Finnish design.

For a more local and authentic shopping experience, head to the Hakaniemi Market Hall, where you can find fresh produce, traditional Finnish foods, and handicrafts. The Market Square, located by the harbor, also offers a wide variety of local products and souvenirs, making it the perfect spot to pick up a unique gift or souvenir.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly shopping experience, head to the Kamppi Shopping Center, one of the largest malls in Finland. Here, you can find a mix of international brands and local stores, as well as a wide selection of restaurants and cafes.

For a taste of traditional Finnish lifestyle, make sure to visit the Old Market Hall, the oldest indoor market in Helsinki. Here, you can find a range of local food specialties, including fresh fish, cheeses, and pastries.

Overall, shopping in Helsinki offers something for everyone, from luxury shoppers to bargain hunters, making it a must-visit destination for any shopping enthusiast.


Top 10 most populated cities in Finland

The most populated cities in a country, often have a high number of shops. These are the ciites with the highest number of inhabitants.

Helsinki - The capital and most populous city of Finland, Helsinki is known for its waterfront location, historical landmarks like Suomenlinna sea fortress, and design museums.

Espoo - The second-largest city in Finland, Espoo is located next to Helsinki and is known for its innovative technology companies and natural areas like Nuuksio National Park.

Tampere - Located in western Finland, Tampere is a major industrial and cultural center, known for its museums, lakes, and Särkänniemi amusement park.

Vantaa - Located next to Helsinki, Vantaa is home to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the busiest airport in Finland. The city is also known for its Aalto University and IKEA store.

Oulu - Located in northern Finland, Oulu is a major economic center known for its high-tech industries, universities, and Tiedemaa science center.

Turku (population: 190,127) - The former capital of Finland, Turku is located on the southwest coast and is known for its medieval castle, Turku Cathedral, and lively market square.

Jyväskylä - Located in central Finland, Jyväskylä is a university city known for its Alvar Aalto-designed buildings, Jyväsjärvi lake, and winter sports activities.

Lahti - Located in southern Finland, Lahti is a major sporting center known for its Sibelius Hall concert hall and Salpausselkä ski stadium.

Kuopio - Located in eastern Finland, Kuopio is known for its lake scenery, Kallavesi national park, and summer music festivals.

Pori - Located on the west coast of Finland, Pori is a major industrial city known for its jazz festival and Yyteri beach.


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