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Every country in the EU has their own national e-shops and online web stores. Visit the local country sites for local etailers and online shops.


Most popular brands of bags in Europe

Louis Vuitton (France): This iconic French fashion house is legendary for its monogram canvas and luxury leather goods, especially luggage and handbags.

Gucci (Italy): Another powerhouse luxury brand from Italy, Gucci is known for its high-fashion aesthetic, quality leather goods, and trendsetting designs.

Prada (Italy): Famed for its sleek, modernist take on luxury, Prada offers a wide range of accessories from handbags and shoes to sunglasses and keychains.

Dior (France): Christian Dior is a French luxury goods company known for its haute couture collections, but it also offers a wide range of popular fashion accessories.

H&M (Sweden): A more affordable option is H&M. H&M is a go-to for trendy accessories that won't break the bank. While not luxury, it's known for its fast-fashion approach to accessories.


Most worn accessories in European countrie

Variations across Europe:

It's important to remember that preferences for specific accessories can vary across different European countries:

Northern Europe: May see a higher demand for scarves, gloves, and hats due to colder climates.

Southern Europe: May see a greater preference for sunglasses, bracelets, and light scarves due to warmer weather.

Eastern Europe: May show a mix of trends, influenced by both Western European styles and local traditions.

Top contenders:

Watches: Remain a popular accessory across most European countries, offering both practical functionality and style statements.
Rings: Consistently rank high in popularity, with diverse styles and materials catering to various preferences.

Sunglasses: Essential in many European regions due to sunny weather, offering both UV protection and a stylish touch.
Necklaces: Popular among various demographics, offering a way to personalize one's appearance and add a touch of elegance or personality.

Additional popular accessories:

Bracelets: Come in various styles and materials, offering a versatile option for both men and women.

Earrings: Popular among women, with diverse styles ranging from delicate studs to statement pieces.

Scarves: Particularly popular in colder regions or countries with colder seasons, providing warmth and a stylish addition to outfits.

Belts: Functional and stylish, belts can enhance an outfit and add structure to clothing.

Hats: Different styles of hats are popular depending on the region, climate, and personal preference. Baseball caps, beanies, and fedoras are some examples.



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