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Top 6 most sold consumer electronics brands

While definitive rankings can vary depending on the specific source and methodology used, here are 6 of the most frequently mentioned brands among the top sellers of consumer electronics in Europe, based on various industry reports and market research:

Samsung: This South Korean multinational giant holds a significant market share across various consumer electronics categories, including smartphones, televisions, and home appliances.

LG: Another South Korean major player, LG is known for its competitive pricing and wide range of electronics, including televisions, smartphones, and home appliances.

Bosch: This renowned German brand is particularly strong in the home appliance market, offering high-quality products like refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Siemens: Another German powerhouse, Siemens is a major player in the home appliance market, offering a variety of products alongside Bosch and often considered a top competitor.

Apple: The iconic American brand enjoys strong brand loyalty and holds a significant market share in the European smartphone and tablet market.

Sony: This Japanese multinational is known for its innovative products and diverse electronics portfolio, including televisions, audio equipment, and gaming consoles.


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European Electronics Shops Online Shopping Europe Consumer Electronic Devices StoresThe best electronics stores in the EU are selling their consumer electronics online at discount rates.

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